Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog!

I think for any author, the most intimidating part of a work is its first page. I’ve spent the last few days contemplating what I wanted to say with this first post, and, finding myself without a eureka, I figure the best thing to do is just be myself. 🙂

I will do my best to introduce myself and what this blog will be about. However, I am very interested in what you all will find most interesting, so the content of the blog may shift slightly over time.

You can see a lot of the relevant info in the “about” section, so I won’t bore you by repeating it here. My main philosophy in life is reflected by my blog title. I think life is too short and unpredictable to focus on the bad things. I also think each of us is living a comedy, of sorts–“When we plan, God laughs,” the greats say. So true! I also mean a comedy in the Shakespearean sense (his so-called “comedies” followed the story pattern of beginning in chaos/strife and ending in harmony/happiness). I think another way to put that is remembering that “things turn out for the best.” I, myself, am guilty of being an incurable “planner,” but I find that life ends up throwing us curve balls–which may be annoying, but also make life interesting! Plus, they give us something to write about, I think, although my writer-friend Andrea says I say that about everything. 😉

So, I think that’s enough philosophy for now; let’s move on to the “getting to know you.” In exchange for my abbreviated bio, I hope you will comment with a little information about yourself, too. 🙂
I am a Midwestern girl, born and raised! My undergrad university was the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where I graduated with a BA in English. Since my brain injury occurred during college, I ended up being there for longer than I expected (about six years). I moved back home for grad school and commuted to DePaul University, where I earned my MA in Writing & Publishing. I now work at Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital, where I am a Marketing/PR Specialist. My job mostly involves writing, editing, and public speaking–my three favorite things to do!

I was raised on fairy tales as much as fact, and as my “about” section says, I never really grew out of them. I think the best fiction is the type that illuminates truths of humanity. As a writer and a reader, I find that the harder the truth, the more layers of “art” we have to wrap it in–much like hiding medicine in a treat when a pet is sick (although, our guinea pigs have outsmarted us on that, somehow unwrapping it and eating the treat only! But I digress…).

As I alluded to in my “about” section, my family is extremely close. A near-death experience will often do that to a family. My sister is 2.5 years younger than me, even though everyone thinks we’re identical twins (finishing each other’s sentences and having the same hair/fashion tastes doesn’t help). We have always been best friends, although the meaning of the term differs with age, doesn’t it? We have gone from Barbie playmates to unbreakable companions on some pretty remarkable challenges. Our parents are now more of our best friends rather than parents, although parental advice is never far from hand. 😉 And all of us are parents to our dear guinea pig, Oreo. You can see a picture of him in my Gravatar profile. He is the sweetest, most cuddly, affectionate little boy you could ever hope to meet. His predecessor, Chad, is still close to our hearts, too. He was also affectionate and loving, but more cunningly sweet as a tactic to get what he wanted. They’re both geniuses.

I am also blessed with a loving and devoted boyfriend, Jeremiah. We just celebrated our 5.5-year anniversary in Boston, while on a writing conference. Yes, we celebrate on the half-year rather than the whole; we have a pretty complicated history, which of course makes great fodder for writing (yeah, yeah, Andrea…). 😉 But it is complicated in a pretty epic way that truly has turned out for the best, and we’ve both grown so much from it. That is a story for another blog post.
Jeremiah lives with his family on a corn and bean farm. I absolutely love both his family and their farm; I get a lot of inspiration for my writing from the beautiful scenery out there. I’m especially close with his sisters, Sarah and Jessie, which of course makes for great alliances in ganging up on Jeremiah. They have two dogs, two donkeys, and occasionally other animals, too, all of whom I’m sure will make cameo appearances on here.

So, I hope you know me a little better now! I’ll have to find one of those personal questionnaires to post on here so you readers can learn my favorite color and other such crucial details.

Thanks for reading, and happy spring! ❤

7 thoughts on “Welcome!


    You are such a beautiful writer Amanda! I am so excited to see you update this beautiful blog!!


    • She is wonderful! I am so lucky to call her my sister and best friend! ❤

      Thank you so much for such kind words! I'm glad to have you as a fan! I look forward to your future comments! 😀


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