Hoppy Easter from Oreo!






9 thoughts on “Hoppy Easter from Oreo!

    • Thank you!
      Oreo is *popcorning* with a blush and pride–that is a wriggly jump guinea pigs do when they’re happy, no joke! I’ll have to catch it on video and post it. :o3 🙂


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    Happy Easter, everyone! Even though my Easter cutie is an angel now, these are still some of my favorite spring pictures. I hope you enjoy them as much as you do. I hope you had a great Easter, too! If you celebrate, what did you do this weekend? My family went to Easter Vigil mass last night, which was beautiful–and we got to wear pretty hats, which is a favorite tradition of ours. Tonight, we are having a big Easter dinner my mom cooked.
    However you celebrate the season, enjoy!


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