Phoenix in Boston: A Tribute

It’s been a somber day for America today. In case you hadn’t heard, two bombs exploded (and two more were found that didn’t go off) during the Boston Marathon today, killing three people and injuring 140. For a good recent account of the event, click here. We were all in shock today at Marianjoy, following the story, watching the gruesome videos…it was so tragic. I was also shaken because I was just there a month ago, on that very street, in those very spots, taking a silly picture outside of a grilled cheese truck (the one I just posted a few days ago). I’m not trying to compare myself to any victims, because I can’t even imagine what those poor people and their families are going through right now. It’s just frightening how narrowly you can escape disaster and then feel awful for the people who couldn’t.

But I saw a news article today that reminds us of the good in humanity. The pure kindness in these simple acts took my breath away–just look at the pictures of people bringing drinks to the injured, the stories of comforting–so beautiful. This is why I continue to have faith in humanity. No matter what evil people will try to do to poison the good in others, it has the opposite effect: strangers band together to help each other. Good rises from the damage of the evil, and good will always win.

My heart was too heavy today to follow the NaPoWriMo prompt, but the pantoun format definitely intrigues me, and I think I will use it later this month.
Today, I wanted to write about the Boston tragedy, as a tribute to those who fell and the heroes who stepped up to help.

Phoenix in Boston
By: Amanda K. Fowler

237 years ago
amidst gunfire and parchment,
our country was born.
Today, in one of those revolutionary cities,
amidst explosions and pain,
our country was wounded
but did not die.
From outstretched hands
to the fallen,
Boston will rise again.

It is the kindness of strangers
made family by tragedy,
the bravery of our officers and bystanders
running into danger
to help the wounded—
these are the strengths,
the invisible glue
that holds our people together.
Out of the ashes of destruction,
a phoenix will rise in Boston,
and it will be beautiful again.








If you’d like to lend aid to the victims, here is info on how you can help, besides prayers, of course. My thoughts and prayers are with all the victims and their loved ones, and God bless the heroes who have risen to help.



14 thoughts on “Phoenix in Boston: A Tribute

  1. Thank you Amanda for saying what many of us are also feeling. What a horrible thing yesterday’s cowardly attack was. The kindness in people did come forward as did the strength of the nation and first responders as you note. Your poem captures the spirit of it all. It is a beautiful poem and one that pays tribute so well. Thank you again.


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