Surprise Publications!

Happy middle-of-the-night, my lovely followers! What other time would a writer be writing, when she doesn’t have work the next day? 😉 My best inspiration usually comes at night, which can be inconvenient, as I’m sure you could imagine.

Anyway, I was taking a break from the project I’m working on to partake in a favorite modern pastime for writers: Googling myself, or “egosurfing,” as Wikipedia calls it. I think all writers like to imagine they’re famous, even before we’re quite there yet. 😉 Usually, I don’t find much besides my own blog posts, things I’ve written for Marianjoy, or school publications.

HOWEVER, tonight was different! I found three publications I didn’t even know about before! I just had to share. 🙂

Newspapers B&W (5)

Newspapers B&W (5) (Photo credit: NS Newsflash)

Do you remember my blog post about hope after tragedy in Moore, Oklahoma after their recent tornado? I had submitted excerpts from it, along with my poem, “Clouds” (also in that post) to a few different newspapers. I didn’t know it till tonight, but the Daily Herald, a Chicagoland newspaper, published my opinion piece! I’m so honored they posted it, and I hope it has brought/continues to bring some people hope and comfort. You can see the online version here.

Then, I found another newspaper article–but this one was written about me by someone else, using some excerpts from things I’ve written. “Living Life in the Surprising ‘Afterglow’ of a Tragedy: Amanda Fowler Talks about Her Amazing Journey at May 9 Fundraising Luncheon” is an article by Jennifer Mesenbrink previewing my memoir preview event for the Glen Ellyn Patch. If you missed it, I wrote a blog post detailing the amazing experience of sharing my story with my sister to such a nice group of people.

The last publication I discovered tonight was totally by accident and also a nice surprise. My sister and I are both hooked on right now, since they tend to post adorable pictures of animals and hilarious observations about life. When I was clicking around on Twitter tonight, I stumbled upon a random person’s post of a Buzzfeed article that looked like it would fit the latter category and give a few laughs about being a poet. Every single item on their list made me laugh, except #15, because I was shocked to discover it was a screencap of my Tweet! You can view the article here.
I am so honored to be a member of meme-land, especially for words I chose to write, as opposed to an unflattering candid. But, I suppose I shouldn’t speak too soon…it’s all part of the fame we writers strive for, right? 😉

Speaking of publishing, I wanted to thank all of you for reading my blog. I believe I’ve just reached about 100 followers and 1281 views. I really appreciate every single one; thank you for allowing me to share my writing with you.

Just wanted to share this quick post with you all about my exciting Googling results. I can’t decide if I should get back to work or to bed, but either way, I know I’ll be working on my writing! 🙂


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