Meeting You: Poems of Greeting; Love Heals Grief

Reblogging this today–it’s one of my most popular posts ever. It is a prose poem I wrote about meeting my second baby for the first time and how he helped to heal my grief over losing my first baby–and how I love them both more than ever. This was for a National Poetry Writing Month prompt in April, the “hello” poem.
I wanted to reblog this because I added a text-only version of the poem. I’ve heard from some readers that it’s hard to read the image version, so even though the line endings won’t be intentional, I’ve added it for easier reading. I’ve also added a picture of Chad, my first baby, at the bottom. By the way, my babies are guinea pigs. : o3

This is one of my favorite poems I've ever written. It was great to turn such strong emotion into art–a process that took me a long time to get to.

I hope you enjoy this. Thank you for reading!

Jelly-Side Up

Reblogged on 6-24–made some edits on one of my most popular posts ever.
This post has been edited to include a text version of the poem below, since some readers told me the .jpg was hard to read. To view the intentional line endings, please do refer to the image version, which you can click on to expand.
I also realized I was remiss in not including a picture of my other baby referred to in the poem, Chad–so he now joins Oreo in the photos below. : o3

Sorry if you were counting on a post yesterday for NaPoWriMo– I had an early morning meeting yesterday, and by the time I sat down to write my post last night, I was drifting off! I figured I’d be better off just posting today, especially because I wanted to do this topic justice.

Yesterday’s NaPoWriMo prompt was this:

Early on in…

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2 thoughts on “Meeting You: Poems of Greeting; Love Heals Grief

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