Happy “National Book-Lovers Day”

National Book Lovers Day (courtesy of Chicago Now)

I hope you all are enjoying your Friday night, but in case you’re not, I’m going to share a reason to celebrate: it’s National Book-Lovers Day! If you spent your Friday night reading, it doesn’t mean you’re uncool; it means you’re festive (and awesome. And like me.) And now, to up the cool factor just a little bit more,

The cool factor is so high
(image courtesy of http://sf.funcheap.com/)

please enjoy reading about the joy of reading.

It seems no one in the world (…wide web) knows where the origin of this holiday came from, and some are even upset to the point of questioning its legitimacy. (I’m not kidding, but I’m not going to post the rant I found. There are better things to read on this day.)

But you won’t find me questioning it. Despite my college career of literary research and journalism, I find myself ready to embrace this holiday blindly with open arms…full of books.

Embracing the mania
(image courtesy of Silver Lake Elementary School)

Of all the articles I read today about the holiday, I think Nick Mangione’s piece on MSN was the best and most hilarious. His photo gallery has a great combo of images and captions. This is the introduction:

“Today is the happiest day of the year, and we don’t mean Christmas. It’s National Book Lovers Day, and that means today is our own very special almost-holiday. Yeah, we’ll admit it. We love to read, and we’re guessing more than a few of you are in the same boat. A good book can take you to places you’ve never been before. It can make you laugh or cry in public and nobody around you will know why. Because they weren’t there. They didn’t know Boromir like you did; they only saw the movie. People say you read too much, but you just shrug it off. You know it’s impossible to love books too much.” — By Nick Mangione

I knew I was hooked on this gallery from the first image, because of the sentiment it captured so perfectly, and also because this is my favorite movie ever. This scene takes my breath away, and I think Lumière hit the nail on the head with this gift suggestion to the Beast. Take note, gentlemen.

Still of library from ‘Beauty & the Beast’ – yearnisk via Tumblr

“Plans for your future home always include this library.”

Yes. In fact, this is the only room I’ve planned out. Maybe this will be my whole house. I do insist on a rolling ladder I can sing on while browsing.

This next image made me very sad–again, the caption captured it perfectly. I wanted to share this one, too, just in case you didn’t get the reference in my audiobooks post.

Burgess Meredith in the ‘Time Enough at Last’ Twilight Zone episode – mannyblacque via Tumblr

“This was the most heartbreaking moment in television history. (Even though you’d already read the original story.)”

I like to think that maybe he was next to a record store that stocked audiobooks, or a gemologist that had magnifying glasses. Someone please write this cheery sequel, for the sake of all our broken hearts. </3

Let’s bring the mood back up. This is a celebration, after all. This next one’s caption is funny and true.

Woman removes books from a shelf - gemini-dragon-gifs media via Tumblr

“This is how you pack for vacations.”

Yes! This is usually my most stressful decision about packing. I’ve resorted to bringing paperbacks only, now, even if I’m in the middle of a hardcover. I should probably get an eReader. 😉

Open book with text overlay – introverteddork via Tumblr

“When your friends talk about movies they want to see, you’re like…”

Yes, I’m definitely a snob with this. Except that the people who get really excited for the movies in the early stages tend to be the people who read the books already, so we just practice this line on each other to be prepared for the impending mania. And then we see the movies, too. My latest snobbery is “City of Bones”; Jennifer, Jessie (Jeremiah’s sister), and I are all practicing, as well as planning to see it opening weekend. 😉

I hope you’ve enjoyed my tribute to this most worthy holiday. Please do your funny bone a favor and read through the whole gallery I posted these excerpts from. It’s short, I promise, so you can get back to reading your books very soon. 🙂


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