Happy Hobbit Day!

Tomorrow, September 22, has been designated as Hobbit Day, in celebration of both Frodo and Bilbo’s birthdays. The Hobbit fanpage on Facebook has provided a helpful guide for how to celebrate the day properly. But really, with such a special day, why not celebrate this all weekend–all month, even? It’s sort of like, why have only one breakfast? 😉

According to Middle-Earth News, Hobbit Day is the kick-off to Tolkien Week. Check out their website for a listing of events, including a photo contest.

Do let me know if you plan to celebrate, and how it goes. As for me, I think our family will probably enjoy the cooler weather with a round of mini-golf. It does seem more Hobbity than full-sized golf. 😉

4 thoughts on “Happy Hobbit Day!

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