Alice Munro Wins Nobel, Canadians and Women Feel Quietly Superior

The big news in the literary world this week was that Canadian author Alice Munro won the Nobel Prize. Whom were you expecting to win? People were speculating Philip Roth would, but no one seems up in arms about Munro’s winning. Have you read Munro before? I know that I’ve read a few short stories by her, but never a full book–and it was so long ago, I can’t remember them well! I look forward to revisiting her work soon. Congratulations, Alice Munro! 🙂 Please enjoy this essay from Flavorwire about the charming account of Munro’s surprise at her victory, as well as her friend Margaret Atwood’s response.


I was not expecting Alice Munro to win the Nobel Prize this morning, and apparently neither was she; the Swedish Academy has already tweeted that they couldn’t get her on the phone to tell her about the prize. Quoth Margaret Atwood, in return:

Okay,everyone’s calling Me to get me to write about Alice!
(Alice, come out from behind the tool shed and pick up the phone.)

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