November Tornadoes Rip Through Illinois

November Tornadoes Rip Through Illinois

My prayers go out to the people affected by the string of as many as 65 tornadoes that ripped through Illinois, primarily devastating the Washington/Peoria area. Luckily, we weren’t hit, but we did have some pretty big storms and winds. Apparently, they took everyone by surprise, because November isn’t a typical month for tornadoes, but we had unseasonable warmth today–which for the Midwest, can actually be typical indeed–November is unpredictable.

Please keep the people who lost their homes and lives in your prayers. ❤ This article and video from ABC News is very informative. The video pays tribute to a storm-chaser who lost his life but made crucial discoveries for science in the way that tornadoes work.

3 thoughts on “November Tornadoes Rip Through Illinois

  1. My great-aunt in Washington lost her home. My sister’s apartment was slightly hit as the tornado was in the forest behind their building. I was supposed to go stay with her after my interviews in Chicago were over :-O They are in a hotel right now. It’s strange that danger was so close. I riding the bus up here along the entire storm front. :-O


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