Chicago Public Library Ranked #1 in U.S.

Dear readers, despite the return of the polar vortex,

yesterday was an exciting day for Chicago! Yes, it’s cold, but we got some great news that warmed our hearts: our very own Chicago Public Library has been named the #1 library in the country and #3 in the world!

I’ve only actually been to this particular library once, when I waited in a line with thousands of fans to see Neil Gaiman for the “One Book, One Chicago” event celebrating the citywide reading of Neverwhere, in spring 2011. Unfortunately, I didn’t actually make it in to see him–fire codes or some such formality. (Someday, Neil…) I suppose it was good they followed safety rules, which I’m sure contributes to their high ranking, but I drowned my sorrows in buying a copy of all of the books he’d autographed. Plus, I got to explore the beautiful, historical library (est. in 1873).


Please read on to see’s coverage of the award. Stay warm and well-read, dear readers! ❤


An international honor for the Chicago Public Library system.

A new study ranks CPL as the number one urban library in the United States, and number three in the world.

The rankings were released by the Heinrich Heine University in Germany.

Researchers studied the core services of libraries worldwide.

The CPL includes the Harold Washington Library Center two regional libraries and more than 70-neighborhood branches.

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2 thoughts on “Chicago Public Library Ranked #1 in U.S.

  1. I agree with you Amanda that we are lucky to have such a great library in Chicago! I think the current library was built under former Mayor Daley (second Daley not the original). Prior to that the library was good but nothing like the one we now have. We take for granted all too often some of the great resources we have access to in Chicago, like deep dish pizza 🙂


    • Thanks for the great comment! And thank you for the additional info; I didn’t know that about Mayor Daley.
      I so agree with you about the resources, ESPECIALLY the pizza. 😉 Besides the pizza, we have these great cultural resources–not just libraries, but publishing in general, and all fine arts and museums. It’s just enough to make me bear the cold (but just barely). 😉


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