Best of 2013 YA Literature: Epic Reads’s Book Shimmy Awards

Good evening, dear readers! Awards show season is in full swing, with the Golden Globes earlier this month and the Grammys happening as I post. And though you couldn’t tell it from my outfit at the moment–head-to-toe fleece (#PolarVortex)–I certainly enjoy the glitz, glam, and overall spectacle of it all.

OMG Katy Perry (Grammys 2014), that DRESS! Fabulous! We are practically twins at the moment. Combining my love of music and romantic drama–you ordered two, right?

This year, though, I discovered my new favorite awards show. It was much smaller-scale: a two-woman operation plus a pouty cut-out of Four (from the upcoming Divergent movie).

“The *Book Shimmy* Awards” is an awards show hosted by Epic Reads, HarperCollins’s young-adult literature community. The two ladies behind Team Epic Reads host a weekly “Tea Time” series to discuss the latest and greatest in YA lit. They developed a new verb on Twitter to connote enthusiasm about books–*book shimmy*–and thus the term was born and given its own awards show.
Their thought was that young-adult literature deserved its own glamorous celebration, and that the winners should be decided upon by readers. I appreciate that Epic Reads truly does foster a community of book fans, even if we are continents apart. 🙂

These ladies are so cute, quirky, and nerdy (in a good way); their shows are lots of fun to watch. The awards show is an hour long, but you can watch it in parts. If you don’t have time to watch it, they also created a great infographic to represent the winners from each category:


And here is the whole awards show:

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! Join me later this week for a Top 10 list and whatever other silliness or excitement pops up. Stay warm! 🙂


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