Reflections on Valentine’s Day + Valentine’s Gifts for Book-Lovers

Hello, dear readers! How has your Monday been? I had to check the calendar on that one, because these days of fleece-pajamas-extra-tea-extra-reading hibernation are blurring together for me. Ordinarily, that would sound like Heaven to me, but illness is making everything a bit foggy.

I do so hate to be sick for holidays, but I am going to try my hardest to celebrate nonetheless! Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favorite holidays, because it celebrates the most important thing ever.

Love Heart Cookies; click for cookie instructions. 🙂

Yes, cookies, but what I meant is love. (And cookies.) As kids, Jennifer and I were always taught that Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate all different kinds of love. In elementary school, the rule in all of our classrooms was that if you were going to get valentines for one person, you had to give them to the whole class. This was a great rule that helped everyone to feel loved and not left out. 🙂
Jennifer and I always got candy or a small gift from our parents, which was exciting and so sweet of them. As we got older, Jennifer and I also get each other gifts and celebrate with a sister date.

Jennifer crocheted this scarf for me for Valentine’s Day in 2010. It’s all my favorite colors! Such a thoughtful gift. ❤

Jeremiah and I always try to celebrate, too, although we often have the misfortune of one or both of us being sick for the holiday (as it seems it will be this year…*sniffle*), so it doesn’t always end up being on the day. Some of the most romantic gifts are homemade ones, like poems. 🙂

Are YOU still looking for a gift for your valentine this year? If your valentine is the bookish sort (who isn’t?!), there are some fabulous ideas in this list by Rita Meade from Book Riot. Just make sure that for the last three, the materials you’re using are positively unreadable as books, because the answer would otherwise surely be no. 😉

If you’re looking for a last-minute-ish Valentine’s Day gift for your book-loving significant other, have no fear. The internet has got you covered (especially Etsy. My goodness, what would we do without Etsy?) I’ve sifted through hundreds of literary-themed romantic gifts and posted my favorites below. Happy gift-buying!


Give a book-scented candle from the Frostbeard shop for setting the mood (…to read. The mood to read. What did you think I meant?)

Flowers for V-Day may be played out, but these book-page creations from the Hobgoblin shop are cute and original (and they’ll last longer, too!):


Perfume/cologne is also a pretty standard gift, but Demeter offers a bookish twist:


What’s better than chocolate for Valentine’s Day? BOOK-THEMED-CHOCOLATE for Valentine’s Day. This “Book Lover’s Chocolate Three Box Gift Set” from the Bridge Brands is bound to satisfy your love’s every craving. (Photo via the Book Hunters Holiday blog.)


Or there’s the “Jane Austen Mr. Darcy Quotable Chocolate Bar” from the Literary Gift Company (which looks to be a fine site for book-themed gifts in general):


Actual books are the obvious choice to give a book-lover, but you can take this gift idea one (romantic) step further by giving some lovey-dovey book art. Check out this one from the LucianaFrigerio shop (which can also double as a 1-year “paper anniversary” gift):


If your sweetheart is into fashion, this scarf from the ModLux shop will keep her/him warm in the cold of February AND remind her/him of your affection with a quote from a Keats love poem:


And if you’re going to go all traditional and propose to your honey on Valentine’s Day, here’s some help. Courtesy of the Suziscribbles shop, offer some romance novel pages printed with a special message:


Or use these adorable proposal hearts from the Emerald Cut shop to pop the question:


Finally, here’s a ring from the EpickCreations shop to go along with that literary-themed proposal. (Who needs diamonds when you can have WORDS on your finger?)


Happy Valentine’s Day, book lovers!

About Rita Meade

Rita Meade is a public librarian in Brooklyn, NY. She blogs about the more interesting parts of her job at, and she can be found on Twitter @ScrewyDecimal.

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Have a great night, dear readers! Join me tomorrow for more Valentine’s fun. 🙂

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