Two Challenges, Day Two: “April First” and “Brynhildr’s Passion” (A-to-Z & NaPoWriMo Day 1 & 2)

Hello, dear readers! Well, April is off to a busy start for me. I’ve decided to do my best with the challenges–even if the posts will be short, I’d like to attempt them. They broaden my creativity, and I would like to use them as warm-ups for the bigger writing projects I’m focusing on. I mentioned the specifics of the challenges in my last post, but I will define them here, for future reference:

A-to-Z Challenge: Every day in April (except Sundays), write a blog entry based on a topic beginning with consecutive letters (i.e., April 1 = A, etc.). The origins of the challenge are explained here.

NaPoWriMo Challenge: Every day in April, write a new poem from your own imagination of from the daily prompt here.

Without further ado, I present to you days one and two, below.

Day 1–A:

April First’s Verse Curse
By: Amanda Fowler

April Fools…
…I broke the rules.

Perhaps it’s best
I started late–
for all is jest
on this date.

Day 2–B:

Prompt: Write a poem based on a non-Greco-Roman myth. You could write a poem inspired by Norse mythology, or perhaps by one of these creatures from Japanese legend.

I consulted my resident Norse mythology expert, Jeremiah, for this prompt; he recommended Brynhildr.

Brunnhild by Gaston Bussière
Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
Public domain under {{PD-1923}}

Brynhildr’s Passion

By: Amanda Fowler

The fire encircling your castle
is a ring of hate around your heart.
It will engulf you whole–
but your love could extinguish it all
if only you let it.

8 thoughts on “Two Challenges, Day Two: “April First” and “Brynhildr’s Passion” (A-to-Z & NaPoWriMo Day 1 & 2)

    • Thanks so much! Yes, it seems I’m having to do them in chunks, as some days/nights I’m too busy to post! It sill counts, right? 😉
      Good luck to you, too! Thank you for stopping by!


  1. I’m glad you’re still in for the challenge, though I’m going to keep following you regardless, because you’re awesome. 😉

    I think the first poem is particularly fitting to everything. I fell for more April 1st pranks this year than any year before… and some were super disappointing!

    The image is so beautiful, and I love the poetry you put with it. I had to find Gaston Bussière on Pinterest afterwards, because that sort of art is just so inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

    Alex Hurst, fantasy author in Japan, participating in Blogging A-Z April Challenge.


    • Alex, you are just so sweet! Thank you very much! I look forward to following you for the long haul, too! 🙂

      I fell for a couple of pranks this year, myself! I started not trusting anything I read or heard at all on that day–I got paranoid, haha!

      Thanks so much–I’m glad you liked the Brynhildr poem and image. That image was the best one I’ve seen matching her story. 🙂

      Good luck on your own A-to-Z challenge! 🙂


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