Happy Mother’s Day

Hello! I hope the mothers of all kinds had a lovely Mother’s Day weekend. We had a low-key celebration with our mom this weekend, including two bike rides; one dinner out; one homemade dinner in; and a Game of Thrones viewing (that counts, right…Mother of Dragons? 😉 ).
Happy Mother’s Day to my mother, who does so much for us every day. She’s shaped me in many ways, inspiring, encouraging, and loving me my whole life.
I’m re-blogging last year’s Mother’s Day entry I wrote. Read on for history on the holiday, a tribute to my mom, and more. ❤

Jelly-Side Up

Hello hello! I’m happy to be back on here to write for you more. My memoir event went extremely well, and I will write a post about that at length very soon. Thank you so much for everyone who supported me with that!

Today is a very special day: Mother’s Day! Am I the only one who ponders the punctuation on that holiday for a long time before writing it out? (Probably.) I actually reasoned in the past that it would be “Mothers’ Day,” since it is a day celebrating all mothers, therefore suggesting the usage of the plural possessive (i.e., the apostrophe outside the “s”). However, today, I thought I’d better double-check that, since I am writing it somewhere ever so important and official as my blog. 😉 This is what I discovered on Wikipedia:

In 1912, Anna Jarvis trademarked the phrases “second Sunday in May” and “Mother’s Day”…

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