Happy Grammar Day (Week)–Quiz

Happy Friday, dear readers! Grammar Day was a few days ago, but if you’re like me, that’s a holiday that bears 24/7/365 observance. And, if you’re further like me, your idea of a fun Friday night involves taking this “What Kind of Grammar Nerd Are You?” quiz. It actually is fun–I promise.

To me, grammar is a tool we should use for the most clear expression and understanding. I’m not against its evolution–language is a living, breathing entity that changes as we change. However, I do believe in “following the rules,” because they are a structure for understanding–unless you’re making a point in your “breaking” them! Of course, I’m human, and I break them accidentally sometimes, too–but you get my point. 😉

So, in celebration of Grammar Day, or Grammar itself, here’s a fun quiz from Grammarly.com:

Grammarly Grammar Nerd Quiz Feature Image




What was your result? Mine was this–I’m not sure how flattering it is, but yes, to me, grammar is one of life’s greatest joys. 😉

The Pedant’s Grammarian
You may drive your friends and family nuts, but you would make Strunk and White proud. You love enforcing rules just about as much as you love the rules themselves. For you, grammar truly is one of life’s greatest joys.

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