Women Warriors–Literary Match-Ups

Hello, dear readers!

Imaginary battles between established have been a thing since action figures were invented–OK, maybe since imagination was invented. So while they’re certainly not new, this one, in particular, caught my eye.

Cage Match 2015 Round 3: Susan Sto-Helit vs. Alanna Trebond

This is a pretty neat concept: pitting literary heroines/#StrongFemaleCharacters against each other. This is my second round of voting, although the match is in round three at the moment. Each round on Suvudu features a story describing the battle and predicting the winner of the match.

Round 3 pits Tamora Pierce‘s Alanna Trebond vs. Sir Terry Pratchett’s Susan Sto-Helit. I will forever be partial to Tamora Pierce, but Pratchett’s recent passing and enormous fandom may tip this match in his favor.

Click here to see the match-up schedule.

Whom would you vote for, readers? Better yet–go cast your vote, then leave your decision in the comments. 🙂


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