Matchmaking: Young Adult + Adult Novel Pairings

Happy Sunday, dear readers! I hope you’ve had a good weekend. We’ve been having some beautiful weather here lately, except for today’s ominous skies.

I came across this article on Book Riot that I thought was a fascinating idea: matching Young Adult with Adult novel companions. The concept is familiar to me, as an English major, where subject matter, style, etc. in one book is enriched by reading another that matches it in some way. Sometimes, themes or revolutionary ideas don’t click for me until I read something else that echoes what I’ve formerly read in some way. One of the neatest parts of being an English major in college was benefiting from the insights of seasoned professors making these sometimes obscure discoveries, much like someone else finding tea cups for a solitary tea pot you bought years ago from a different store–they’re just better together (thanks, Jennifer).

Cardew Snow White tea cup–click link to buy. Jennifer bought me 4 of these and 2 of a different style. ❤

The theory of such a list kind of matches the one I’ve mentioned before–that “no book is an island.” No matter how isolationist or revolutionary an author seems, every book is, in some way, a response to society. It’s really interesting to see how different viewpoints approach a similar idea or expression. Not to mention–there is such an overlap between YA literature and Adult nowadays, it’s hard to draw a line (both in content and readership).

Here is the list. What do you think, dear readers? Did they get it right? Personally, I haven’t read these, but the Abhorsen trilogy, all of Margaret Atwood’s books, and Shatter Me are all high on my to-be-read list!

Are there books you have found to be interesting counterparts of each other? Personally, I find Beauty and the Beast and Phantom of the Opera to be interesting companions (especially Andrew Lloyd Weber’s stage/movie version of the latter, versus the more horror genre of the original novel). They both explore romance, imprisonment, free will vs. control, appearance vs. soul, and other themes that I’ve been intrigued by since forever. Pride and Prejudice is another neat companion to Beauty and the Beast, but not, I’d say, to Phantom.

Enjoy the final hours before Monday! 🙂


One thought on “Matchmaking: Young Adult + Adult Novel Pairings

  1. Thanks for an enlightening post Amanda. I found it interesting just as you did with the various comparisons and pairings.


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