Happy National Dog Day: Uggie–My Story

Happy National Dog day to all the canine-lovers out there! Though I am not a dog owner, myself, I have been blessed to meet and love many dogs during my life.

One dog in particular who left a paw print on my heart was Uggie, the celebrity dog from The Artist, among other movies. I have yet to see him on film, but I was fortunate to meet him in person with my sister at my favorite bookstore, Anderson’s Bookshop, a few years ago. He was on a book tour with his trainer, and Jennifer and I both bought Uggie’s memoir, which he kindly “pawtographed” for us.

I loved hearing about his unlikely rise to stardom after von Muller, his trainer, rescued him from the pound. Von Muller immediately recognized Uggie had something special–that his spark could lead to amazing things. I’m still partway through the book, and I need to pick it back up again–it’s absolutely adorable, just like Uggie.

Sadly, at 13 years old, Uggie passed away earlier this month. I’m sure few other dogs lived as glamorous a life as he–and more importantly, he was loved so much by so many. I’m grateful I was able to meet him a couple of years ago.

Thanks for sharing your talents, zest for life, and love with us, Uggie. 

Have you read or seen Uggie’s work? Are there special dogs in your life? I’d love to hear your stories, dear readers. ❤️🐶

4 thoughts on “Happy National Dog Day: Uggie–My Story

  1. How wonderful it was that you got to meet him! So nice of you to give him a tribute too. I know there are many many special four-legged Angels – in fact they all are, aren’t they?! There’s just an enrichment that comes when you go through life with a pet – a special bond. Thank you for sharing Amanda!


  2. Uggie will no doubt be missed Amanda, but the world is a better place for having him in it. Wonderful kind animals and people like yourself give me hope for things when often time the news is filled with a litany of sadness and stories that give one pause for wondering if there is any good left out there. Thanks for brightening all our days and thanks to all the Uggie’s out there be they guinea pigs, cats, dogs, birds or other wonderful animals and people.


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