Top Ten: Friends’ Favorite Scary Stories

Alfred Hitchcock voice: Good evening, dear readers!

*resume normal internal narration voice*

It’s Halloween Eve! It’s crunch time (Nestle or otherwise) for getting into that Halloween spirit (living or non). (Apparently, long work weeks make me heavy on puns AND parentheses…)

This was one of my favorite posts to write, because it involved so much research from people I knew. Like any book recommendations, theirs gave me further insight into their personalities and interests, but it was a very special insight as to what disturbs/scares them. Don’t worry; two years later, and I haven’t used it against them (yet). 😉

I hope you enjoy my friends’ scary story recommendations as much as I have. There’s something for everyone on this list, from silly to downright bone-chilling. So if you have a quiet moment tonight, perhaps you can crack the spine (of a book) and read by eerie candlelight, getting you all set into that delightfully spooky spirit! /end puns

Jelly-Side Up

I couldn’t resist going with a festive theme for this week’s Top Ten: Scariest Stories. Since I, myself, am a scaredy cat (seasonal pun intended), I turned to my friends for their suggestions. Several brave souls responded with their selections–some, with many! The list below will show both their choices and who chose them. I got such a good response that there will be more than ten; however, since I haven’t read most of these, some will have less description than others. I broke them up into categories of stories: classics (pre-1960), legends, and modern/contemporary. A special thank-you to all who helped me, and a special group huddle for those who were more faint-of heart-like me. 😉 (All images from Amazon unless otherwise noted; click to buy or read summaries.)

The Classics

1. “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe

The Tell Tale Heart - Edgar Allen Poe Image from Barnes & Noble; click to buy. Recommended by Jennifer…

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