Strong Female Characters

Happy International Women’s Day! Are there any women in your life, real or literary, who have inspired you with their accomplishments or ideals?

Today is a celebration of women’s achievements and gender equality. It’s also about the history of how far women’s rights and recognition have come over the years, as well as how female identity is an ever-evolving concept.

Literature has become an encapsulation of that evolution in fascinating ways, sparking its own movements. What role does an author play as a teacher to society? Have characters become role models for cultural revolution, à la Katniss Everdeen’s being the Mockingjay of her world’s revolution?

Below, I’m reblogging my post on “Strong Female Characters” in media–on what it means to be strong as a woman or man, as well as the modern popularity of this archetype and what it all means. Enjoy, and please add your own opinions in the comments!

One article has captivated the entire literary community since its publication: “I Hate Strong Female Characters,” by Sophia McDougall. For modern readers and writers, that’s just about as inflammatory as it can get…

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