Novel Publicity Blog Tour: YA Fantasy “The Witches of Panay”

Good evening, readers! Life has been very busy, and I promise to update you soon! For now, I bring you a cool book spotlight of a fantasy novel I can’t wait to read. Continue on for the book trailer, background info about the author, and nine(!) giveaways!


Welcome to another exciting spotlight event with Novel Publicity–this time, with The Witches of Panay, by Fayr Willow! As usual, there is a great slate of bloggers on this tour sharing their thoughts on this book, as well as some unique and fun prizes in the rafflecopter contest!

The trailer:

As part of this special event, The Witches of Panay is on sale now for only 99c! Grab your copy on Amazon today!


About the Book

Magickal romance sizzled when teens Larissa and Jake, met again on Earth. Friends as children, they once lived on Panay, a planet of witches, good and bad. After the Dark Queen and her Empire Witches attacked Larissa’s village, she and her mother had no choice but to flee Panay and seek refuge on Earth. Then, at sixteen, Larissa found Jake in her region of Yorkshire, England. What began as a crush on this dashing boy led to something deeper. Their understanding of one another deepened and their thoughts, thought alike as they travelled through dangerous paths of Magickal Realms and through Earth’s Scandinavian section that is Norway. amazon.comLearn More about the Author, Fayr Willow 
Malika Gandhi is known as Fayr Willow, for The Witches of Panay series. She was born in India and brought up in the UK. She lives with her husband and her two boys in the East Midlands. Malika Gandhi is a part-time writer and has written three books that are based in India and the UK. The Witches of Panay is her first book for Young Adults and above. Facebook: Twitter: Website: [/box] [box]

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