Happy National Best Friends Day

Happy National Best Friend Day! I’m glad to have an extra reason to celebrate these people who are so important in my life. ❤

Jelly-Side Up

I was so busy today, so just a quick post before bed–but today was National Best Friends Day, and I didn’t want the day to go by unacknowledged (you know how I am about holidays–and loved ones, at that!).

I’m blessed my very first best friend is still my best friend. 👯💕 That hasn’t changed since this picture was taken, even if our height difference has. 😉
I’m also blessed by this amazing group of people. I’ve counted most of them as best friends for 20 years; some more recent, but no less enduring. (Taken just a few weeks ago)

I’m beyond grateful for my besties; they’re a huge part of whom I’ve become. I love you all!

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One thought on “Happy National Best Friends Day

  1. Thank you for sharing your pictures Amanda! It’s nice in today’s world where people seem to have less time to be with those they value so much that you make the time AND take the time to do so!! It’s also nice to see that your original best friend is still your bestie and that you have such a nice group of close friends that are all such nice people.

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