Go, Cubs, Go: What Baseball Means to Me–and Chicago

It was a loud, proud night in Chicagoland Saturday night. Fireworks and cheers erupted over the region, and the closer you were to the epicenter–Wrigley Field, that is–the more you could feel the roar of excitement, relief, and pride. That pride rippled around the world, as I saw posts from some of my friends in different countries, struggling to find an internet connection to add their own voice to the cheering. Every local television channel switched to broadcast the news: the Cubs won the National League champions pennant, marking the first time they’d be in the World Series since 1945!

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Are you wondering what blog you’re reading right now–when did I become a sports fan, right? In a way, you could say this year; in a way, you could say my whole life. I’ve become more invested in the Cubs this year, partially because of the community. One of my friends, Grace, had a playoff game playing at her birthday party, and while we were all there for her (she is wonderful), and while we enjoyed the made-from-scratch food, it was the game that caused the excitement that brought us closer together. I’ve become keenly aware of the game schedule, too, as the bass player in the string band I’m in is unequivocally not available for practice or performance on any game days (and it would be unthinkable to perform without our crucial Billy on bass!).

While I’m not much of a sports fan in general, I’ve always been a baseball fan, to some extent. Our family has gone to baseball games together since I was little (though my early Cubs memories mostly revolve around Cracker Jack and Lemon Chills). Now, we try to attend Kane County Cougars games at least once a summer.

Always the highlight of our summer–great family bonding time at Cougars games! My dad found this helmet for me in my favorite color so I can safely attend post-TBI–have to protect the noggin from foul balls and homers. 😉

Although our childhood focused heavily on music (my adulthood, too!), our dad made sure my sister and I learned how to play baseball the right way. To his shoulder’s chagrin, this involved swinging a ball attached to a rope around his head for us to bat as hard as we could, without the risk of it flying into a neighbor’s window (both the technique and the caution were learned from his childhood). We played catch, too, focusing on proper form. They’re all fond childhood memories for me.

Baseball is somewhat of a family tradition for us, though I’m sorry to our lineage that my sister and I inherited mostly the enthusiasm, not the athletic grace, of the sport! My dad bonded with his dad over many things, but baseball might have been the strongest one. Even though my grandfather had to use a prosthetic leg, he didn’t let that stop him from enjoying the game with my dad, by expertly playing catch, as well as coaching my dad’s little league and senior league teams. My grandmother, too, was an avid baseball fan, mostly of the Cubs, while my grandfather was more of a White Sox fan. I guess, by my generation, we are both, a mix not only of genetics, but also fandoms. We call ourselves “Chicago fans.”

And thank you, Cubs, for giving us Chicagoans something to be fans of. Thank you for making Chicago a proud city this weekend, when we’ve had so much tragedy this year. What’s remarkable to me is the uniting factor of the game, bringing together people of all ethnicities, all genders, all generations, all religions. In a time when our country is so divided over politics, we can all come together and be proud of something quintessentially American, no matter who wins the World Series–but this fan hopes it will be the Cubs.

When I found this video, I got goosebumps. Talk about unity–you can hear thousands of people singing together in joy from almost a mile away, high in the air. This was from a National League wildcard game this season (if the embedded version doesn’t work for you, try this: https://youtu.be/Drszsid3I1s ). Skip to 1:43 for the best sound quality on Chicago’s favorite song this season!

This flag’s tradition started in the 1930s as an announcement after every Cubs win–but now, fans have adopted it to represent the Cubs in general. I guess that shows the level of confidence in our home team! Go, Cubs, Go! (Thanks to Octavarius.com for the image)

6 thoughts on “Go, Cubs, Go: What Baseball Means to Me–and Chicago

  1. Loved your blog post Amanda! I am so happy for the Cubs too! It has been a very long wait for sure. Thanks for your shout out on my mom and dad too! They would both be happy now or sure although likely my mom more than my dad as he was the Sox fan.

    I am SO blessed in so many ways and I like you have the fond memories of teaching you and Jennifer about baseball. You may have not done it a lot but you both were very good at it! You both loved hitting a LOT and could both sock the ball very well!


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    • Thank you so much, Dad! Jennifer and I have been blessed with many wonderful childhood memories. We are lucky now to celebrate the Cubs as National League champions and World Series hopefuls–and I’m sure your parents are celebrating up in Heaven, too!
      Thanks for teaching Jennifer and me all the proper technique and fun customs of baseball. ❤️⚾️


  2. Great post Amanda! I so enjoy reading about your reflections of the past and present. It’s wonderful to see those memories of the past and how they shaped our futures. I am so happy you get to experience the joy the Cubs are bringing to all by their hard work, synergy and achievements!

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    • Thanks so much, Mom! You and Dad are always my cheerleaders! It’s been so much fun enjoying baseball with you all our lives. I agree we are so lucky to enjoy this historic moment together! Go Cubs! ⚾️🎉❤️


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  4. Reblogged this on Jelly-Side Up and commented:

    I’m filled with all the hope and emotions of last year, only amplified by my a year of deepened fandom, championship pride, and huge amounts of family bonding over this quintessential American pastime–imbued with the hopes and excitement from generations past. I’m not giving up hope yet–go, Cubs, go! Let’s get that pennant–again!


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